Masterworks Foundation, Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Bermuda 2006


From January through March 2006 I was artist-in-residence at the Masterworks Foundation in Bermuda.  i was away from my wife dianne for the first time in thirty-five years.  in the studio provided by Masterworks Foundation in the basement of an historic house in St.George’s called “buckingham”, i found a perfect studio environment --of stone--lime stone- walls measuring roughly 14 by 25 feet.  divided in half as bedroom and studio--with no separation between the two areas but a rough-hewn cedar support-post for the house above. it was the the worst time of my life.  alone. the only company was my work. it took good people there, in that town, day by day, and, finally after 55 days, dianne’s arrival for a visit, to rescue me from my work.  the final study for the center panel of the triptych “Tucker’s Town” is in the permanent collection of the Masterworks Foundation, as well as several studies now in bermuda private and international collections.  glad i did it. the ‘night’ panel, the ‘dawn’ and, most of all, the ‘noon‘ panel, are powerfully meaningful to me.   the small ‘homage to Hartley’ summed that up. -dm

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