Berman Museum Retrospective 2002


    In the fall of 2002, a retrospective exhibit of 30 years of my work opened at the Phillip & Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA.

    Entitled “The Exton Triptych and the Americanist Paradigm”, its centerpiece was my first triptych based on the Americanist Paradigm.

    The Americanist Paradigm is simply a cluster of ideographic aspects that appear, repeat and increasingly dominate cognitive iconography since the 15th century.  Roughly equivalent to metaphor and its current understandings in linguistics as refering to anatomic experience, several of the names of its aspects are in fact taken from modern American poetry.

    The “Pure Paradigm (Night)” suite of twelve paintings were also presented to strong interest and reaction at the time.

    A catalog essay by Charles Cramer of Suffolk University in Boston “Pursuing the Horizon” and video installation were also included.

    Click here: The Exton Triptych

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Berman Museum Retrospective 2002

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